altii Roundtable: Sustainability & Biodiversity, 10.10.2023

Sustainability, Biodiversity and the Future in Finance


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In today’s financial landscape, institutional investors are placing an ever-increasing emphasis on long-term investment strategies. Sustainable investing and the preservation of biodiversity have emerged as pivotal factors guiding their decisions. Simultaneously, the regulatory framework for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards is becoming more stringent and defined.


Institutional investors in particular must face the long-term orientation of their capital investments. They thus have a significant responsibility towards their impact on biodiversity. SDG 13 (“Climate Action”), 14 (“Life Below Water”) and 15 (“Life on Land”) are steps in the right direction.


During this session, we will delve into the current state of affairs and underscore the growing significance of biodiversity preservation targets.


Roundtable Discussion

10-Oct-2023 • 14:00–17:00 CEST
Haus am Dom • Domplatz 3 • 60322 Frankfurt/Main • maps
Onsite & Livestream


Seela Sinisalo, panelist, Head of ESG, United Bankers


Seela evaluates investments in the context of a sustainable view and shows the ESG properties of investments in renewable raw materials. She provides insight into the chain of effects of impact and the influence on climate change.