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United Bankers Plc has been listed on the Nasdaq OMX First North Growth Market since 2014 and moved on to the main market of Nasdaq Helsinki in June 2020.


United Bankers
is listed on Nasdaq
Helsinki Stock Exchange


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One of the oldest
Finnish wealth

The company employs
nearly 200 dedicated


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Investment company
independent from
banking groups



United Bankers Plc is a Helsinki-based Financial Services group. Founded in 1986, United Bankers (UB) started its business in securities brokerage. Today, the company's business areas include Asset and Wealth Management and Capital Markets services. UB Fund Management Ltd, established in 2007, is a subsidiary within the group dedicated to the administration of investment funds. These funds include European Union UCITS regulated vehicles as well as AIFMD regulated funds.


UB Fund Management has a particular focus on funds based on a range of Real Assets investment strategies. In Asset Management, the company has specialised in globally diversified investment solutions, where Real Assets typically have a significant role. 



Asset and Wealth Management


United Bankers' Asset Management business includes investment funds, discretionary asset management and structured investments. In addition to traditional equity and fixed income funds, United Bankers offers a wide range of Real Asset funds and investment strategies. These include funds investing in listed real estate securities, funds investing in direct real estate, infrastructure funds and forestry funds. United Bankers is a Nordic pioneer and a global specialist within Real Asset investments. In Wealth Management, United Bankers offers discretionary Asset Management services to private and institutional asset owners in Finland and Sweden.


Capital Markets Services


United Bankers’ Capital Markets services include Corporate Finance advisory services, IPOs, equity-based and debt-based financing and a corporate lending platform.

Group Structure


United Bankers Group comprises of the parent company United Bankers Plc and four subsidiaries.