UB Fund Management Company Ltd to partner with KKL Partners B.V. in the Netherlands

United Bankers Plc and its subsidiary UB Fund Management Company Ltd are delighted to announce a collaboration with KKL Partners B.V. as part of its strategic initiative to reach out to a broader investor base in the European markets.


Dick Ehrnrooth, Head of International Distribution at United Bankers: “United Bankers is a pioneer within forest investments and stands through the forest funds it manages as the fourth largest private forest owner in Finland with a strong commitment to sustainable forestry and positive climate impact.


Forest investments are at the heart of United Bankers. In addition to portfolio-level benefits, forest investments are aligned with sustainability goals and provide exposure to trends like the transition towards renewable raw materials. We are pleased to have partnered with KKL Partners B.V. and looking forward to assisting Dutch investors in realizing their climate roadmaps.”


Fons Lute, Partner at KKL Partners: “We see that many institutional investors want to have a positive impact with their investments but struggle to find investments of institutional quality. Our purpose is twofold – to assist impact providers to meet best-in-class institutional standards and to provide investors with access to great institutional quality impact strategies.


United Bankers is a poster child of modern forest management. Over the years, they have clearly demonstrated that, by using modern forest management and state-of-the-art technology, it is possible to combine solid financial results with carbon reduction and biodiversity benefits.”


About United Bankers

United Bankers employs nearly 200 professionals and its managed assets amount to approximately EUR 4.6 billion (12/2023). The parent company, United Bankers Plc, is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange and UB Fund Management Company Ltd is subject to oversight by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.


About KKL Partners

KKL Partners provides investment solutions for institutional investors. Working closely with top-rated investment managers, KKL sources highly effective investment strategies with a genuine ability to provide impact.